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Our Process

Here at Pegasus Metals LLC we make you part of the refining process. You are welcome to witness your melts, and all your questions will be answered by professionals.



1. Read over any accompanying paperwork and confirm description..

2. Make written notes of contaminants that may cause excessive melt loss, examples are: oil, stones, paper, moisture. etc.

3. Whenever possible remove any non-precious contaminants before charging and hold aside for review by customer or representative.


  1. Load material into crucible and turn on power supply, bring power up to a level that will melt the metal quickly without causing it to spit.
  2. Raise melt temperature enough to liquefy all elements in the crucible, melting point.


  1. When all metals in the crucible are uniformly liquid and homogenous the melt is ready to be sampled.
  2. Stir the molten metal well to insure it is thoroughly homogenized.
  3. Dip pin sample into the molten metal.
  4. Inspect sample quality; the lab needs at least 3 grams of good quality sample to complete their analysis.


  1. After acceptable samples have been produced immediately the molten metal is poured into graphite mold.


  1. Wait at least 5minutes before removing bar (s) from mold.
  2. Use a needle-gun to remove any slag on the bar.
  3. Clean with wire grinder to remove dust from bar.


Pegasus Metals uses 3 sampling methods.

  1. We offer Fire Assay Diplicate.
  2. Fusion Fire Assay,
  3. and x-ray.
All are conducted here in our in-house

Based on the net fine metal contained in the refined material, valued on the daily market prices, Pegasus Metals LLC offers a variety of settlement options from which to choose from.

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