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Message from our President

My father has 32 years of work experience. He has allways implemented that the customer deserves the best service also to be treated with respect.

From the begining my father taught me to be honest and loyal in all apects in my life.

Now I intend to lead my company with him by my side to give the best turn-around time on all gold, silver and platinum scrap metals and our accurate, honest assays, are the main reasons we have gathered a long list of loyal repeat customers.

Our intentions are to treat every customer, large or small with respect and importance, the same way we ourselves like to be treated. I can also assure you that doing business with Pegasus Metals LLC. Will be of great satisfaction to you and yours.

We do not compare ourselves with our competitors, we just say it would be appreciated to be of service to you as buyers, smelters, and exchange of your gold, silver, platinum and palladium.



Alberto Hernandez Jr.


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